Climbzone at Xscape

Kings Inch Rd,

Tel: 0871 200 3222

Admission:  Prices listed below (but free to watch and observe)

Opening hours:
Mon – Wed:  12 noon – 9 pm
Thu – Fri:  12 noon – 10 pm
Sat:  9.45 am – 10 pm
Sun:  9.45 am – 9 pm

Climbzone is Scotland’s newest indoor adventure sports centre.

Climbzone is made up of 3 different parts: the Rock Climbing Wall, Skypark and Fan Drop.  Plus there is professional instruction available to those who need or want it.  Only those 8 years and older can use the Climbzone.

  • Rock Climbing Wall
    The Rock Climbing Wall is impossible to miss as you walk into Xscape; it stands in the middle of the entrance to the building just above a Costa Coffee shop.  This facility is one of the largest freestanding climbing walls in the UK with 24 auto belays and climbing routes of all levels.  For anyone visiting for the first time there is mandatory professional instruction.  For those not experienced enough to have all the latest in rock climbing gear, you can rent it on site.  Only those 8 years and older can use the Climbzone.
  • Skypark
    A state of the art adventure course which looks terrifying from the ground never mind 15 metres above the ground dangling from the ceiling!  At 60 metres long and 15 metres above the ground, the Skypark consits of a zip slide, traverse wall, hanging logs, jigsaw, swinging rungs, swinging platforms, cargo net, Burma bridge and rope ladders.  Each participant is of course strapped into a safety harness which travels along a ‘train track’ around the course, so no matter what happens, you will never fall.  What is great is that there is a second rail from which the instructors can travel alongside anyone who may be struggling or pass by users to get to someone who is having trouble.  Only those 8 years and older can use the Climbzone.
  • Fan Drop
    These twin fan decenders are the first of their kind anywhere in the world.  You are clipped on to safety ropes, you then grab a t-bar and jump.  You freefall most of the 15 metres down to the ground until the fan slows you in time for a gentle landing.  Only those 8 years and older can use the Climbzone.

Climbzone prices

Pricing of climbzone sessions is a little bit complicated so bear with us while we explain.

  • Combination session (£23 per person): A 1 hour 40 minute session which combines the challenges of climbing, the skypark aerial adventure course and the fandrop for those who want it all!
  • Duo session (£15 per person): A 1 hour session which gives you the opportunity to experience any 2 of the 3 Climbzone attractions (Rock Climbing, Fan Drop & Skypark).
  • Rock Climbing (£15 per person): A 1 hour session designed to give you and your group a real taste of all that climbing has to offer.
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