Mugdock Country Park

Mugdock Country Park
Craigallian Road
Nr. Milngavie
G62 8EL

Tel: 0141 956 6100

Admission: Free (except Mugdock Castle for which there is a small entry fee).

Opening hours: Can be found on the Mugdock Park website.

Mugdock Country Park is both beautiful and historical, and there is always something for the kids to do.  No matter whether you are looking for a jaunt in the countryside, a bit of Glasgows heritage or to simply tire the kids out, there is definitely something to do at Mugdock.


Visitor centre:  The visitor centre, although it is quite small, is very interactive and fun for the kids.  It is also quite interesting and educational – worth a visit – particularly if it’s raining…

Walking:  The park is huge, and there are several recommended walks which you can find on the website.  The park isn’t so big that you will get completely lost, so it is quite easy and enjoyable to just go wherever your feet take you.  You will see a fair bit of bird and there is some beautiful plantlife to enjoy in the park, so keep your eyes peeled for some great wildlife!

Cycling:  The park has about 2.5 miles of paths that are suitable for cycling.  I’d advise the wearing of helmets as the paths can be a bit slippery if it’s been raining!

Archery:  Several archery groups meet regularly at Mugdock Park.  The Western Archers meet Mugdock Country Parkon Saturdays, using mainly the modern recurve bow (like that used in the Olympics).  Lessons and memberships are available; for more information see the archery website for contact details.  The Green Hollow Bowmen also meet at Mugdock Park on Sundays and Thursdays, and use the traditional British longbow.  They are also dedicated to keeping the crafts associated with longbow making and fletching alive.  They run a 6 week beginners course in the summer, and again, membership is available.  For more information see the Green Hollow Bowmen website.

Horse Riding:  Easterton Stables are situated just next to Mugdock Park.  They offer livery services, horse riding lessons and courses, hacking through Mugdock Park and also host a number of events throughout the year including show jumping.  For more information on events and prices visit the Easterton Stables website.

Orienteering:  Mugdock also offers orienteering opportunities.

Eating and shopping

There are a number of places to eat in Mugdock park, including the Stables Tearoom and the Garden Restaurant.  There is also a gift shop at the Stables which contains lots of pocket money toys for kids.  The Mugdock Plantaria contains a garden centre, gift shop and farm food shop.

Ranger service

The Ranger service is based in the Mugdock Country Park visitor centre complex and they really are a friendly bunch.  You need to go over a metal bridge to get to their office – it looks like you aren’t allowed in, but you are, and they are very helpful, so if you have any questions they are the folk to see.

Mugdock Castle

Mugdock Castle dates back at least to the 14th Century, when it was used as an Mugdock Castleadministrative centre for the lands of Mugdock.  The Mugdock Castle ruins are open 365 days a year for visitors to explore.  The only part of the castle that you have to pay to get into is the rebuilt and furbished southwest tower which is open every day from 26th May to 16th September from 2pm to 5pm.


Mugdock Park always seems to have something on.  Events range from photography and arts & crafts to wildlife surveying and flora & fauna identification.  There is a full list on the Mugdock Country Park website.  You have to go to the tabs at the top and then select which month you’d like.

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